UK: Coastline Surveys Completes Pre-Dredge Vibrocore Survey in Portsmouth Harbour

Coastline Surveys Complete Pre-Dredge Vibrocore Survey in Portsmouth Harbour

Coastline Surveys Ltd has completed a major contract for a geotechnical survey and laboratory analysis in support of the MoD’s capital dredge campaign in Portsmouth Harbour. The programme is to support the extensive upgrade and deepening of the channel.

The pre-dredge geotechnical survey involved the acquisition of 174 Vibrocore samples up to a maximum of 6m penetration depth. Coastline’s multi role survey vessel, MV FlatHolm mobilised in early December and completed all field work activities in early 2012.

Coastline’s soils laboratory in Lowestoft will undertake analysis, description, sub sampling and advanced testing of the samples.

David Hitchcock, Managing Director of Coastline Surveys Ltd, said “This is a major geotechnical survey and Coastline Surveys was awarded the contract despite fierce competition from much larger companies. This success highlights Coastline’s position in the market and its commitment to quality, customer service and dogged determination to deliver on time, on budget and with an excellent safety record”.

Coastline Surveys Ltd offers a full suite of survey services including geotechnical investigations and laboratory analysis to undertake marine, coastal & waterway surveys:

· Coastline Surveys Ltd has been operating for over 20 years and is a privately owned UK marine survey company

· It offers clients the ability to acquire geotechnical data up to 10m below seabed in water depths of up to 2,000m using a range of equipment including seabed penetrometers (CPTs), vibrocorers, piston corers, box corers and grabs

· Coastline Surveys Ltd owns and operates the 24m ship MV Flatholm, which is fully equipped, permanently crewed and available to 3rd parties for charter.

· Services include:

Bathymetric & Hydrographic Surveys – Singlebeam and RESON & GeoSwath Multibeam Echosounders with seabed discrimination, Geotexture, feature habitat mapping

Geophysical Remote Sensing – Sidescan Sonar, Shallow Seismic Profiling, Magnetometer

Geotechnical Testing & Sampling – Vibrocore, CPT, Piston and Gravity Cores, Grabs

Environmental Surveys – Beam Trawls, Water Quality Sampling, Underwater Video, ADCP

Soil Physicochemical Testing – Dedicated Laboratories

Dredge Monitoring – – Volume change, plume dispersal, EIA.


Dredging Today Staff, February 16, 2012