UK: Port of Cairnryan Unveils Harbour Development Plan

Port of Cairnryan Limited has unveiled future development plans for its harbour.

Port of Cairnryan Limited is the statutory harbour authority for the port of Cairnryan, located on the west coast of Scotland. The port has two operational berths, which are both run for ferry services across the Irish Sea between Cairnryan and the Port of Larne.

The Berth 1 linkspan at Cairnryan is coming to the end of its operational life and as such POCL wish to replace it. For the purpose of improving the facilities and for future proofing the operations at Berth 1, POCL are proposing to replace the existing linkspan at Berth 1 with a new double deck RoRo linkspan, which will be able to cater for a wider range of vessels with reduced maintenance requirements. Due to the need to keep disruption to the ferry operations from Berth 1 to a minimum it is required that the berth remain operational throughout the course of the works, with the exception of certain pre-agreed shut-down periods.

As such POCL have developed a preferred layout, which enables the new linkspan, its associated structures and some of the berth re-alignment works to be constructed adjacent to the existing berth before the ferry service is switched to the new berth.

Works will include:

– Design, construction, testing and commissioning of the marine structures and services for the new realigned berth 1 linkspan;

– Design, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of the replacement linkspan;

– Design and the implementation of the dredging works.

The works are to be undertaken so that they have no structural impact on the existing marine structures. The main components of the works will include but will not be limited to:

Land reclamation of approximately 40,000 cubic metres of fill with a rock armour revetment to provide a new approach to the replacement linkspan;

Piled linkspan bankseat to support the shore-end of the new linkspan;

Forward support/guide structures (as necessary) to linkspan;

New double deck RoRo linkspan and approach structure (if necessary) to cater for a range of vessels with both upper and lower deck finger flaps;

Protection to existing revetment (if necessary);

Permanent berthing dolphins with fenders, including pile caps, bollards and walkways;

Fendered nesting dolphin adjacent to the leading edge of the linkspan to cater for positive vessel berthing;

Temporary berthing structures to provide a temporary berthing line and fendering following the switchover of the ferry services to the new linkspan during the construction of the permanent berthing dolphins;

New single storey maintenance building;

Mechanical and electrical works including shore side power and lighting to the new reclamation;

Surfacing, fencing, barriers, signage and drainage to the new linkspan approach and standage area approximately 8,000 square metres on the new land reclamation;

Dredging and disposal of approximately 35,000 cubic metres of seabed material.

Much of the dredging shall be carried out in marine deposits with some within glacial deposits. The area of seabed to be dredged includes areas beneath the land reclamation, the new linkspan (dependent on type) and the berth pocket;

Demolition and disposal of the existing linkspan, 2No linkspan forward support dolphins, 1No nesting dolphin, linkspan approach structure and vehicle approach ramp;

Other minor works including shore side bollards, localised strengthening to the existing quay wall, new oil storage tank and other demolition works etc;

Provision for the whole life cycle maintenance of the linkspan.

Deadline for expressions of interest: 12. 3. 2012.

Value: Between £12,000,000 and £16,000,000.

Project period: 15 months from date of contract award.


Dredging Today Staff, February 17, 2012