Stratton Holdings Updates Shareholders with Headway on North American Operations (USA)

Stratton Holdings Group recently entered into official negotiations to lease 3 (three) patented claims totaling 90 acres and an additional 1200 un-patented acres, which also include hydraulic mining areas for harvest. The property, in Greeley Hill, California, includes Hasloe Mine, Banderitta Mine, Texas Hill Mine and the Golden Keys Mine. Negotiations are being finalized once both groups determine a fair price and overall terms for a collective win for the long-term.

CEO, Cedric Atkinson states, “Our primary focus for North America is to gather a wide portfolio of rich claims over the next 12-18 months. Once acquired, our teams will look to prove out reserves making them attractive for purchase and by larger companies in the mining industry giving us both active revenue streams and turnkey profits for the long-term.”

STHG announced a strategic update to its activity in Taylor Falls. Areas 1 &2 herein lay just north of the Tuollome River, with a total of 360 acres, including river and land claims giving STGH immediate access to Highbanking opportunities and attractive opportunities for dredging once CA lifts its suction dredging ban. Though dredging is a hypothetical plus, the company feels a lift on the ban is inevitable and this is a lucrative opportunity for future revenues as past history results in the area show 1/2 to 1 oz per day of Gold using a 4 inch dredge.

As well,” Atkinson comments, “We have completed various JV agreements which will allow STHG to be potentially producing within our first year of operations, which is, for the most part, unheard of for a new Gold company.”

The overall business direction for STHG and its shareholders in 2012 will focus in mining operations. Atkinson notes, “Our teams have a process to profitably bring Gold to market in an efficient manner. Gold is in demand throughout the globe and expectations are that it will continue to rise in price. As long as gold stays above $900 per oz, it will be our main focus until we reach sustainable production level of 100 oz per week.”

Also, the company  announced the launch of its official website, on Wednesday, February 29, 2012. The site will feature a company overview, corporate goals, investor information including financial reports, material releases and project overviews with detailed descriptions, photographs and timely updates.

Finally, the company reports that executives have targeted an additional North American claim it will pursue, concurrent with its alluvial mining initiatives in West Africa, both of which, all are confident, will effect multiple streams of revenue while building a portfolio of business solidifying aggressive growth through 2015.

Stratton Holdings Inc is a publicly traded company with a focus on Precious Metals mining as well as business operations in other sectors which management feels has potential for long-term growth and/or near-term revenue opportunities.


Dredging Today Staff, February 27, 2012