Corps Releases Value Engineering Study Report (USA)

Corps Releases Value Engineering Study Report

The U.S. Amy Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, released the Fargo, N.D., Moorhead, Minn., Flood Risk Management Project Value Engineering Study Report March 6.

The Corps conducted the VE Study on the locally preferred plan, now known as the federally recommended plan, at the start of the design stage in October 2011. A question and answer section explaining value engineering, along with the VE Study results.

In summary, the Corps’ team accepted 13 value-based proposals from the study for future consideration during the design phase. The Corps will continue to look for ways to improve the proposed project and increase its value.

The project’s function was a key aspect to the study. The purpose of value engineering is to critically examine proposed functions and explore alternative solutions using the Corps’ value engineering methodology, which consists of six phases: information, function analysis, creativity, evaluation, development and presentation. The overall goal of value engineering is to generate new and creative solutions that increase a project’s value.


Dredging Today Staff, March 7, 2012; Image: usace