Australia: Council Considers Ballina Dredging Costs

A scoping study, most probably worth $5000, aimed at determining the cost of dredging Ballina’s North Creek is expected to be undertaken in near future, reports The Northern Star.

A decision on whether to approve the $5000 for the scoping study will be made by the council at this month’s meeting.

Prior to conducting dredging activities, the council has to obtain a commercial dredging license from the Department of Primary Industries.

The application for a license will need to consider the following matters:

– The impact on the overall estuary and on the Ballina bar,

– Flow-on impacts upstream and environmental impacts.

Whether the sand would be used for fill or would be returned to the estuary or beach. The State Government has approved funding for feasibility studies on the dredging of the Ballina Bar and the Ballina trawler harbor. Findings of the study on the bar will be provided by the end of this month, with the trawler harbor study scheduled to be finished by the end of April.

Ballina Shire Council says the dredging of North Creek has “many potential benefits, including making the waterway more navigable and creating a sand stockpile for future land development and infrastructure projects“. There is also an alternative of using the sand for beach renourishment.


Dredging Today Staff, March 12, 2012;