Australia: Dugong Feeding Trails Sighted in Gladstone Harbour

Dugong Feeding Trails Sighted in Gladstone Harbour

Dugong feeding trails have been sighted in the inner reaches of Gladstone harbour.

The trails were discovered during the monthly seagrass monitoring currently underway in the harbour.

Monthly seagrass surveys have shown re-growth at many of the important feeding areas is recovering back to pre flood levels following the 2010-2011 floods.

New evidence of dugong feeding trails were discovered during these surveys in January and again in February.

The trails were spotted in the inner harbour near Wiggins Island indicating this may be an important feeding location for the shy sea cows.

A green sea turtle was photographed during the seagrass survey north of Fisherman’s Landing.

Pods of dolphins up to 20 in number have also been sighted near Auckland Point and at QAL.

“It is hearting to see marine life in Gladstone harbour is present and healthy and there is food for them to eat here in their normal habitat,” said GPC CEO Leo Zussino.

We are mindful dredging activities are carried out with care and respect for the environment and the marine life that live in our harbour.”


Dredging Today Staff, March 16, 2012; Image: westernbasinportdevelopment