UK: Ashtead Expands Product Line with Vortex International

Ashtead Expands Product Line with Vortex International

Leading marine equipment rental company Ashtead Technology has expanded its product line with Vortex International Ltd. Ashtead Technology has been the exclusive Global Rental Representative within the Oil and Gas sector for the rental of the Vortex Dredge Unit for over a year.

The Vortex product range (renowned for the most powerful 4 inch ROV and diver dredge unit in the world) has now expanded to include 3, 4 and 6 inch dredges, soft line cutters, ROV mounted deep water underwater oil absorption systems capable of MARPOL rated filtration, Marine Rotary hoes, special build pumps for flushing risers, and debris filtration bags – with more tools expected in the near future.

All Vortex products, available to rent from Ashtead Technology, are designed with quick mobilization and minimum re-configuration time in mind- the vast majority of components needed to install a Dredge Unit in the field, on almost any suitably sized ROV, are included in the kit.

Vortex tools are well known for their energy efficient use of available hydraulic power and are specified to fit within industry standard hydraulic supplies.


Dredging Today Staff, March 20, 2012; Image: vortexdredge