UK: ADBP Completes Study for Middle East Project

ADBP Completes Study for Middle East Project

Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP) were appointed by Horizon Geotechnical Company as specialist dredging sub-consultants to assist in their geotechnical work associated with a study of the Cooling Intake/Outfall system for a proposed Independent Power Station Project in the Middle East.

The remit of the assessment was to produce a report assessing:

– Intake and outfall channel slope stability;

– Appropriate dredging methods;

– Methods of ground improvement;

– Potential concrete corrosion and

– Suitable cement blends and concrete mixes.

Examination of the geotechnical results of the site investigation, as well as the water and sediment chemical results, were crucial to the overall results of the report. Upon receipt of the site investigation results the study was completed within a period of one month. An important consideration was the high quality and strength of the local rock. This report is the second time ADBP and Horizon Geotechnical have worked together on similar international projects and continues ADBP’s growing list of cooperating consultancies.


Dredging Today Staff, March 23, 2012; Image: anthonybates