France: Preparations Underway for Dredging on Channel Between Lille and Deulemont

Voies navigables de France has unveiled a plan for the dredging works on the channel between Lille and Deûlémont.

These dredging works to the entrance of the channel between Lille and Deûlémont should allow the access of larger vessels.

This project involves the development of three lots of filling and dredging to a side of 4m of the reaches of Comines, Grand Quesnoy on Deûle Square and on the channel Deûle Sequedin to Deûlémont (which is nearly a linear 20 km).

Optionally, the dredging will be conducted at a side of 4m for 20 reaches of Quesnoy on Deûle and Great Square of 4m and 50 Komen for the summit level. Work will also cover land depositing of dredged materials.


Dredging Today Staff, March 30, 2012;