Dredger Wheeler to Join Navy Week NOLA (USA)

The 408-foot hopper dredger, the Wheeler, will be displayed during Navy Week NOLA. It will be one of eleven vessels that are scheduled to visit this month, according to Nola.com. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will present its dredger at the events which begin on April 17.

These seven days of free events will be the first of four years of international events tied to the War of 1812. This dredger, which has been working on the lower Mississippi River, was recently added to the line-up.

The vessels will be docked along the river’s east bank from the cruise ship terminal just below the Crescent City Connection to the Poland Avenue Wharf, and will be open for public tours. This event is hosted to mark 200 years since the War of 1812 (also known as the second war of independence) which was largely naval. The hosts of the event are the Navy, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard.


Dredging Today Staff, April 2, 2012;