Peru: DP World Callao Upgrades Navis SPARCS N4

 DP World Callao Upgrades Navis SPARCS N4

Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation and the global technology standard for managing the movement of cargo through terminals, announced that DP World Callao upgraded from the Navis SPARCS N4 version 2.0 terminal operating system (TOS) to version 2.1. DP World Callao handled the SPARCS N4 upgrade internally with no assistance from the Navis services team.

The ease of the implementation enabled Callao to save time and money, and experience immediate improvements in terminal productivity and customer service. Since the August 2011 upgrade, DP World Callao has improved the terminal’s average gross crane moves per hour from 25 to 30.

“Navis was chosen because of their proven track record as well as the flexibility and ease of implementation and upgrading,” said Gerard van den Heuvel, General Manager, DP World Callao. “At Callao the solution has delivered better efficiencies in operations, planning and customer service; and its flexibility will allow it to adapt to the expected terminal growth.”

DP World Callao, located just outside Lima, Peru, began operations in May 2010 as a greenfield site, implementing Navis SPARCS N4. As its scale of operations gained momentum, DP World Callao needed to upgrade its TOS to keep pace with its growing operations. The system allows DP World Callao to automate all terminal planning at the gate, yard and berth helping it reach its goal of increasing container throughput.

Navis SPARCS N4 is the next generation terminal operating system, offering the lowest possible total cost of ownership in a maintainable and adaptable solution. In addition to gate, yard and berth planning, the SPARCS N4 allows DP World Callao to integrate with customers, banks, Weight Bridge, shipping line and other customer applications.

“We are confident that our innovative, flexible TOS will help DP World Callao optimize operations as they grow and develop,” said Bill Walsh, president and CEO of Navis, LLC. “We are excited to continue working with them as a trusted partner to provide the technology and expertise they require to provide their customers with the best service possible while increasing operational efficiencies.”


Dredging Today Staff, April 3, 2012; Image: dpworldcallao