USA: Mobile, Gulfport Invest in Future Growth

The ports of Mobile and Gulfport are making enormous improvements to adapt to an evolving global marketplace. In Gulfport, a $570 million project involving dredging is scheduled.

A $570 million project that will enable the Gulfport to raise its West Pier in phases will provide the accommodation of a new, larger breed of container carrier. The first phase of the fill project in Gulfport, which will raise a 43-acre parcel of land from about 10 feet above the sea level to 25 feet, is underway now, according to

W.C. Fore Trucking of Biloxi was awarded a $19.1 million contract last month to haul about 200 loads of dirt a day into the port.

Director of Port Restoration Joe Conn, states that it will take about 1.5 million tons of dirt to raise the first part of land. The port is dredging and filling a 24-acre parcel at the moment. The 300-foot wide strip along the west edge of the pier will be dredged down to minus 20 feet sea level, then built back up to 10 feet.

The projects are expected to be finished by spring 2013.

Second and third phases will complete the elevation of the entire 180-acre West Pier to 25 feet above sea level, and are supposed to be done by summer 2017.


Dredging Today Staff, April 5, 2012;