New Zealand: Milford Sound Harbour Development Begins

A $6 million upgrade of Milford Sound harbour at Fresh Water Basin has commenced.

The planned work includes replacement of the existing wharves. The new ones were built by E-Type Engineering and are more robust and will absorb berthing impact. They weigh 45 tonnes each.

Also the upgrade will include movement of the existing breakwater and dredging in order to enlarge the harbour. The works on the new breakwater, that will be placed 65 metres southward, are in progress, according to The Southland Times.

Materials from the existing breakwater, along with dredged material and extra rock armour, will be used in the construction of the new breakwater.

The improvements of Milford Sound harbour add to the waterway safety within Freshwater Basin and provide a larger harbour to improve boat maneuverability.

Development authority board chairman Jeff Grant claims that the work that is planned to be finished by August 31, will cause minimal disruption to operators and visitors at Milford Sound.


Dredging Today Staff, April 10, 2012;