Azerbaijan: Minister Inspects Kur River Dredging

Minister Inspects Kur River Dredging

The Minister for Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan, Kamaladdin Heydarov, has inspected construction of bases for shore protection and dredging in the Neftchala region.

He said: “We brought in the district of Neftchala ships and equipment for dredging and bank stabilization along Kur river.”

According to, the minister said that brought to the base technology is capable of the entire river to deepen the bottom, clean the bottom of the river silt. “With the help of floating sludge composite pipe will be transported to shore. So far, only one of three ships in the delta of the Kur river. The other two ships were brought to the main base. Kur Delta over the years filled with silt. Once we have expanded the delta by 15 meters, it became possible to bring these ships”, he said.

Minister Inspects Kur River Dredging.

Kamaladdin Heydarov said that the accumulated silt in the river, has created an artificial island 100 square meters.

We decided to clean this accumulation of sludge. After that, it will be possible to restore the navigation. At the same time in the river will no longer accumulate sludge, which will drain into the Caspian Sea. Ongoing dredging and bank stabilization to prevent spills Kura River and the damage caused to the population rise of groundwater. The most important thing is to restore navigation to the previous form”, concluded Heydarov.


Dredging Today Staff, April 13, 2012; Images: