Ghana: CCCC to Invest in Harbours Expansion

CCCC to Invest in Harbours Expansion

According to Ghana Business News, the China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC) has expressed interest in investing in Ghana’s roads, railways and harbours expansion projects.

The CCCC, the largest construction company in China and Asia, is one of the Chinese companies that the CBD had recommended to Ghana to execute the projects under the terms of the $3 billion loan facility, but the company has to go through the tender process as required by Ghana’s Procurement Law before it could win the contract.

The CCCC is China’s largest and global leading company for port, road and road design and construction, one of the top dredging companies and container crane manufacturer.

Mr Liu Qitao, the President of CCCC, said that his company had developed and generated enough capital to be able to execute big projects without the support of financial institutions.


Dredging Today Staff, April 16, 2012; Image: ccccltd