ADBP Prepares Dredging Contract for MHPA (UK)

ADBP Prepares Dredging Contract for MHPA

Milford Haven Port is the biggest port in Wales, the third largest in the UK, and is one of the largest oil and gas ports in northern Europe.

With 25% of the UK’s petrol and diesel provisions as well as up to 30% of the UK’s gas requirements being handled through the Port’s waterways, Milford Haven is at the centre of a developing UK energy hub. The Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP) is Milford Haven Port Authority’s (MHPA) specialist dredging consultants. In addition to this long running relationship ADBP also work with the individual operators within the Haven such as Valero, Murco, Semlogistics and Dragon LNG.

In anticipation of this year’s dredging campaign MHPA has instructed ADBP to prepare the maintenance dredging contract to ensure both the navigation channels and berthing areas meet the requirements of all users. Upon completion of the dredging contract document ADBP will manage the tendering procedure, award a suitable contractor and oversee the works to ensure the outlined specification is met. The tender documents should be ready for distribution to suitable dredging contractors in the near future.


Dredging Today Staff, April 23, 2012; Image: realwire