Morocco: Archirodon Wins Jorf Lasfar Port Contract

OCP S.A (Office Cherifien des Phosphates) and ONE (Office National de l’Electricité) of Morocco, have awarded Archirodon the US $ 240 million EPC Contract for lnfrastructure Rehabilitation and Execution Works in Jorf Lasfar Port, 20 km south-west of the city of El Jadida, in Morocco.

Jorf Lasfar is a deepwater commercial port located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. In terms of the volume of product processed, as of 2004, it was considered the second most important port in Morocco (just after Casablanca). It is home to a swiftly expanding industrial quarter, which includes both major artificial fertilizer and petrochemical factories.

Its harbor is well equipped for the exportation of phosphate rock (transported from Gantour and Ouled Abdoun) and various chemicals such as pure sulphur, ammonia, and sulphuric acid. The city is home to the largest independent power station in the country—primarily funded by investments from the Swedish-Swiss company ABB Group and the American company CMS Energy—which was thought to be capable of creating a third of Morocco’s total power output.

Completion of works is set for May 2015.


Dredging Today Staff, April 24, 2012;