Siport21 Exhibits at XXI Latin American Ports Congress (Guatemala)

Siport21 Exhibits at XXI Latin American Ports Congress

Siport21, a specialized consultancy in ship manoeuvring and ship behaviour studies, was one of the four Spanish companies in the XXI Latin American Ports Congress, celebrated in La Antigua (Guatemala) last week.

In this meeting, organized by American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) and the National Ports Commission of Guatemala, the company presented “Simulation Methods used for Optimization of Port Infrastructure Design and Nautical Operations”. During the Congress, 30 papers were presented and more than 250 delegates attended, (Port Authorities, Terminals, Shipping Companies and Professionals related to maritime business and ports).

In this occasion, the Managing Director of Siport21, Mr. Jose R. Iribarren, introduced to the assistants to the conference “Technology in the Service of Port Logistics Competitiveness” in the use of the simulation methods for the optimization of port infrastructure design. He gave several examples based on studies carried out by Siport21: Lazaro Cardenas and Altamira (Mexico), Buenaventura (Colombia) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

He also presented some cases whose aim was to improve nautical operations using simulation methods. Most of them were related to new traffics, or verifying the access of larger vessels in existing port facilities.

In addition, Iribarren explained how important it is to develop Training Programmes for Captains in Real-Time Ship Manoeuvring Simulators used for familiarisation activities under operation conditions established.

Siport21 is a spanish port engineering and maritime safety consulting company, founded in 1999. Its business is focused on: ship manoeuvring studies and ship behaviour in port areas, maritime safety projects and analysis of floating structures, offering advanced methods and simulation tools for the analysis of ship manoeuvres.

Siport21 also develops taylor-made training programs for Merchant Marine staff. The company has developed technical studies in ports of Spain, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Albania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Portugal, Algeria, Tunis, Morocco, Mauritania, Angola, Gabon, Benin and Persian Gulf.


Dredging Today Staff, April 25, 2012; Image: siport21