CEDA: Objectives for 2012 (The Netherlands)

CEDA, Objectives for 2012

In addition to CEDA’s regular activities, including the meetings of the National Sections and providing independent expert advice at various international forums such as the London Convention, OSPAR and appropriate bodies of the European Commission, the plans for 2012 include the following:

• To set up a WODA Expert Group on Underwater Sound with the aim of

1. producing further state-of-the-art review of ambient sound, dredging induced underwater sound and impact of this on aquatic biota

2.  developing an underwater sound monitoring protocol/procedure

3. providing technical guidance on how to assess underwater sound by dredging.

• To continue working on World Dredging Congress XX (2013, Brussels, Belgium) organised by CEDA for the world-wide dredging community to ensure an outstanding success and event to remember.

• To organise a CEDA Dredging Days in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

• To sponsor, in co-operation with the Russian State Hydrometeorological University  (RSHU) a two-day technical programme on dredging as part of the International Coastal Conference “Coast, Evolution, Ecology, Economy” in Tuapse, Russia.

• To publish the CEDA position paper Climate Change Adaptation and its Effects on the Dredging Community.

• To organise the CEDA workshop “How to get dredging projects done” with the aim of bringing together experience from large projects and summarise the lessons learned.

• To launch cedawiki to tap into the enormous knowledge base of the CEDA membership and make it available to members and non-members alike.

• To update and present the CEDA-IADC Training Course “Environmental Aspects of Dredging” in Delft and actively look for other venues.

• To finalise the Russian translation of the book “Environmental Aspects of Dredging” and by facilitating its publication in Russian language meeting an important demand for dred ging knowledge among Russian speaking professionals, filling an important gap of knowledge.


Dredging Today Staff, April 27, 2012; Image: dredging