USA: Congressman Supports Waukegan Harbor Dredging

Congressman Supports Waukegan Harbor Dredging

U.S. Congressman Robert J. Dold spoke at the City Club of Waukegan and talked about his Main Street Jobs Agenda. Dold highlighted discussions he has had with organizations, businesses and community activists in Waukegan and the ideas that came about as a result of working together.

Waukegan has a proud history in the manufacturing sector and a strong sense of community,” said Dold. “I believe that the number one issue facing us today is that of jobs and the economy, and when we come together we can find common ground we can make a difference in our local communities.

Dold’s Main Street Jobs Agenda focuses on seven areas that directly impact local businesses and the people of Waukegan. Dold’s first plank is implementing a pro-growth tax policy. In Illinois, small businesses are leaving because of the tax increase and they don’t qualify for any loopholes. Dold has proposed closing all special interest loopholes and leveling the playing field for all businesses.

Dold’s Main Street Jobs Agenda also focuses on increasing exports and manufacturing. Waukegan is a manufacturing town and benefits from the Export-Import Bank and trade agreements that were recently signed into law. Local companies such as Tru-Spec Metals, HD Electric Company, and Utility Supply of America have received support from the Export-Import Bank to increase exports and keep jobs here at home.

Another one of Dold’s goals is to increase access to capital for small businesses. He held a small business roundtable at Zip Fitness in Waukegan earlier this year to hear directly from local job creators about the impact of not being able to get the money they need to invest and expand. Dold championed four bills that were signed into law in the JOBS Act that would empower small businesses to gain access to capital.

Dold also spoke about the important to invest in infrastructure. As part of that, Dold has been working to find a long-term fix to the problems facing Waukegan Harbor. He was successful when advocating for the Harbor and the funding that were needed to help with dredging. He is a proponent of the RAMP Act which is included in the Transportation bill and preserves funding for Harbors like Waukegan’s.

Another part of Dold’s Main Street Jobs Agenda is that of utilizing domestic energy resources. Earlier in the year, Dold toured Midwest Generation plant in Waukegan and saw firsthand the steps they are taking to protect the environment and provide cleaner energy. Dold is a proponent of an “all-of-the-above” energy approach and wants plants like Midwest Generation to stay open so that they can provide cleaner, reliable energy to the local community.


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