USA: Veterans Express Concerns about Merrimack River Condition

As the Eagle Tribune reports, the maritime veterans are expressing concern that the mouth of the Merrimack River is unusually shallow at low tide.

I am urging boaters to travel in and out at high tide,” said Harbormaster Paul Hogg. “I’ve met with some of the commercial fishermen, and they have reported on how shallow it is. It’s my understanding that the Army Corps of Engineers will be here, perhaps in June or July, to look into the situation.

The mouth of the river was dredged less than two years ago, and the sand was deposited on Plum Island and Salisbury beaches, a project that cost $5.1 million. The dredging created a boating channel through an enormous sandbar at the furthermost end of the jetties, known as “The Bar.” Mariners have to cross the notoriously tricky sandbar in order to get in and out of the Merrimack River.

Representatives from the Army Corps could not be reached for comment yesterday.


Dredging Today Staff, May 8, 2012;