USA: Cape Coral Dredging Underway

Cape Coral Dredging Underway.

A dredging crew is working on the Cape Coral’s canal at Southwest 40th Terrace near the intersection of Mohawk Parkway and Skyline Boulevard.

The city has contracted Gator Dredging for this project and is spending more than 3 million dollars, reports

The majority of Cape Coral canals to be dredged are located in the southeast quadrant of the city, south of Hancock Bridge Parkway and east of Santa Barbara Blvd.

Dredging is taking also place on a canal near the corner of Skyline Boulevard and Mohawk Parkway.

Crews are also working to build de-watering cells, which are large piles to hold dirt that’s sucked out of the canals. It’s Gator dredgings goal to dredge out 47,000 cubic yards of dirt over the next three years and that adds up to more than 142 million pounds.


Dredging Today Staff, May 17, 2012