The Netherlands: Delft Hosts CEDA-IADC Training Course

 Delft Hosts CEDA-IADC Training Course

The CEDA-IADC training course was presented for the fourth time on 19-20 April 2012 in Delft, the Netherlands to a selected, dedicated audience representing contractors, manufacturers, regulators, government and consultants – basically the cross section of CEDA’s membership.

The course was organised for the fourth time by the Postgraduate Academic Programme (PAO) of the Delft University of Technology. The lectures were given by three renowned experts with ample experience in their respective fields from CEDA and /or IADC member companies: Gerard van Raalte, Boskalis/Hydronamic (CEDA and IADC Member), Mark van Koningsveld, Van Oord and Marine Contractors (CEDA and IADC Member), Pol Hakstege, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Centre for Infrastructure, Department Hydraulic Engineering and Environment (CEDA Member).

Delft Hosts CEDA-IADC Training Course.

Given in two full-day sessions, the course provided an in-depth view of the environmental aspects of dredging, including the latest technologies and equipment that apply to dredging and dredged material management.

Standard elements of the training course programme are the working group sessions, during which participants are challenged through case studies to get a full understanding of the scope and significance of the environmental aspects of dredging projects, the management of dredged material, and effects of environmental guidelines.


Dredging Today Staff, May 21, 2012; Images: dredging