Croatia: Port of Rijeka Gears Up for Development

Port of Rijeka Gears Up for Development

A year after taking over operation of Adriatic Gate Container Terminal (AGCT) in the Port of Rijeka in Croatia, International Container Terminal Services, Inc. has developed and upgraded facilities and systems at the terminal as AGCT gears up for increased port activity, expending HR23 million in 2011 alone.

Apart from the improvements implemented last year, AGCT has further earmarked HRK 133 million for development of the terminal in 2012 and another HRK 88 million in 2013 as AGCT foresees increased activity starting this year. AGCT took over operation of the Brajdica Container Terminal, later renaming it to AGCT in April 2011.

Among the more significant achievements as a result of the initial development program were greatly improved crane productivity, truck dwell time and equipment availability at the terminal.

Infrastructure improvements included repairs in the container yard and roads, reconstruction of the rail yard, cleaning of the seabed in the southern pier. Utilities improvements included the installation of an autonomous fuel and power supply system. Apart from these, AGCT is preparing to further upgrade facilities with the planned reconstruction of the existing yard, construction of new gates and the installation of European Union border inspection posts.

Currently, AGCT has a total terminal area of 13.9 hectares, and is planning to expand this to 16.8 hectares by 2013. Moreover, the 518-meter berth controlling depth, which was already lowered from 10.7 meters to 11.6 meters last year, will be further enhanced with the construction of the new 320-meter berth with a controlling depth of 14.5 meters by June next year.

In information technology, AGCT invested in the NAVIS terminal operating system, successfully rolling it out last year. New safety standards were implemented even as manpower skills were upgraded through the rollout of various training programs in operations and systems.

AGCT will also beef up its equipment fleet, ordering two post Panamax quay cranes, eight rubber tired gantries and two rail mounted gantries from Chinese equipment manufacturer ZPMC. These new equipment will augment AGCT’s current fleet composed of two quay cranes, seven reach stackers, nine prime movers, 13 chassis and four forklifts.

Aside from serving the international trade of Croatia, AGCT is being primed to become the international trading gateway for central and southeastern Europe serving Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, south Poland, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, all of which are natural hinterlands of the Port of Rijeka.

The Port of Rijeka, situated in the northern part of the Kvarner Bay, is the largest seaport in Croatia, the second economic center and third largest Croatian city. Its strategic location, a point in which the Adriatic Sea reaches the northernmost into the European continent, makes Rijeka the most suitable and natural connection to the Central European markets.

AGCT is a subsidiary of International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) a leading port management company involved in the operations and development of 23 marine terminals and port projects in 17 countries worldwide. ICTSI was among the first international terminal operators to take its expertise overseas.


Dredging Today Staff, May 23, 2012; Image: ictsi