Canada: Official Calls for Steveston Harbour Dredging

According to Steveston Harbour Authority general manager Bob Baziuk, the 24-metre tug boat Jose Narvaez ran aground in the waters off Steveston around noon Saturday, an incident that points to the need for regular dredging of the area.

The vessel listed to its port side in the shallow channel that runs between Steveston and Shady Island, after it came to a halt near the narrow island’s western-most edge.

There were no injuries and the vessel was undamaged, according to Lafarge Canada, which owns the boat.

Baziuk said debris coming from upriver figures to get only worse as the spring freshet builds, and said the existing protective measures for the harbour aren’t adequate.

They’re not doing the job anymore,” Baziuk concluded.


Dredging Today Staff, May 25, 2012;