Namibia: Zambezi River Dredging Step Closer to Realization

Cabinet liaison officer in the Ministry of Works and Transport Grace Mubonenwa said the Ministry of Works and Transport plans to dredge the Zambezi River from Katima Mulilo to Impalila Island to enable the barge to operate through out the year, and that the tender to purchase the dredger has already been awarded.

The ministry is apparently still waiting on the company to deliver the dredger, according to

Vallerie Starg, the owner of Kalizo Lodge renowned for tiger-fishing, says dredging will damage the river. She is not sure if this exercise could endanger the existence of some fresh-water fish species especially tiger fish.

How many times are they going to dredge the river, since there are floods every year, which already cause massive soil erosion and erode the river banks,” she asked.

It is unclear whether the Ministry of Works and Transport has consulted communities living along the river on the planned dredging which could potentially disrupt subsistence fishing, which is the main source of livelihood for hundreds of Caprivi residents.


Dredging Today Staff, May 29, 2012;