USA: Congressman Secures Funding for Shinnecock Inlet Dredging

Congressman Tim Bishop has  announced that he has secured $5.1 million for the Shinnecock Inlet dredging project. The sand from the dredged inlet will be placed on the badly eroded section of beach known as West of Shinnecock Inlet (WOSI).

The beach west of Shinnecock Inlet has become dangerously eroded, and securing this funding for a dredge of the inlet will protect the marine infrastructure and restaurants in the area and the more than 500 jobs they support. At the same time it will ensure continued safe access to New York’s second-busiest fishing port,” Congressman Bishop said.

Federal Funding through the Army Corps Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies program will cover the entire cost of the work, with no share of the cost borne by local government.

This is really fantastic news,” said Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst. “We have been working closely with the Congressman for months to make our case to the Army Corps about the importance of investing in the Shinnecock Inlet, and the urgency of doing so quickly. I cannot thank him enough for his advocacy on our behalf. This was clearly a priority issue for him because he understands the vital economic and environmental significance of the Inlet and its neighboring docks and businesses to the surrounding community and regional fishing industry.”

“In times like these when Federal monies are so limited, the ability to prevail in securing this level of funding is a testament to the good work our Congressman,” she said.

According to the Army Corps, a contract to perform the dredge and place the sand on WOSI will be awarded by the end of the fiscal year in September, with work to be completed by the end of the winter dredging season in January 2013.


Dredging Today Staff, June 3, 2012;