Germany: Wasserstraßen-Neubauamt Plans Waterway Improvement Project

Wasserstraßen-Neubauamt Berlin has invited bidders to submit their offers for the waterway improvement project at the Berlin area.

The plan is to expand the lake route to the White Sea, to both sides of connection or transition areas) for restricted oncoming traffic in the Wastr.Kl. Vb. Therefore, the currently existing channel route in Nedlitzer and the subsequent lakes’ west route in the White Sea to 4m water depth under BWU is to be deepened by dredging.

The east section is currently dredged to only 3.50m water depth under BWU. The old bank protection will be removed and replaced with new 70 inch thick riprap revetments made of natural water components, which are built over a geotextilfilter. Along the right bank (north bank) is created at the beginning of transition in the Jungfernsee Nedlitzer penetration to about 100m in front of the sports boat dock, a 1.50m wide escape route.

The last 100m to the sport boat dock is then a 3.00m wide operating path providing the combination of escape and deck attachment points on the public road network. The section east of the south bridge Nedlitzer with a floating sheet piling and a newly profiled bank. Below the Nedlitzer South Bridge is the next to the escape route/terrain operating path running jump either secured with newly profiled, biologically built embankments, or where the space is too small for banks a gabion wall to be constructed.

At the end of the rail line is in the White Sea (north shore), a 220m long dock for commercial shipping and a 30m long dock to be created for recreational traffic. In the construction is anchored bulkheads with steel accessories (belt, tie bar, ladder, support brackets, bollards, support brackets). The berths will be 6m wide concrete paving and connected to the service path before the commercial dock. The cavities of the revetment in the above-water areas of the new bank protection will be constructed with a soil-alginate mixture and filled with greenery as well re-profiled slopes to be covered with topsoil and grassed over.

The deadline for this tender is July 17, 2012.


Dredging Today Staff, June 8, 2012;