The Netherlands: Eneco, Van Oord Ink Wind Farm Deal

Eneco, Van Oord Ink Wind Farm Deal

The development of Eneco Luchterduinen Wind Farm, 23 kilometres off the coast of the municipalities of Noordwijk and Zandvoort, is entering a new phase after completion of the contractor selection process.

Van Oord, a leading international contractor specialising in dredging, marine engineering and offshore wind projects, shall be responsible for the foundations and the electrical infrastructure, including the offshore transformer station. Van Oord shall also supply the ship that will be used to install the 43 wind turbines. Eneco subsidiary Joulz has been selected to install the electricity cable from the beach to the high-voltage station eight kilometres further inland. At an earlier stage, it has already been decided that the Danish company Vestas will supply the wind turbines (type V112).

Van Oord and Joulz are now, in fact, preferred suppliers. In collaboration with these two Dutch companies, Eneco will develop the detailed design of the new offshore wind farm. It is expected that the final contract will be signed in the fall. The new offshore wind farm will allow Eneco to supply wind energy to a substantially larger number of customers.

By selecting Van Oord, Eneco also gives a clear indication of the innovations that will be applied in the new wind farm. Van Oord will be given the opportunity to research new foundation techniques, including an alternative for the grout connection. This is the connection between the transition piece that holds the turbine tower and the foundation pile. During construction, most parts will probably be transported to the wind farm site from the ports of IJmuiden or Vlissingen. Van Oord shall also conduct research into improved installation techniques, for example in the area of scour protection. This is the system around the foundation pile at the sea floor that offers protection against erosion due to currents. These studies ensure that the innovation requirements set by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation will be met.

It has been decided that Eneco Luchterduinen Wind Farm will consist of 43 identical Vestas V112 wind turbines. The tender for two innovative turbines exceeding 4 MegaWatt did not result in any viable alternatives. Furthermore, Eneco has informed the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation that it withdraws its request for European subsidy (NER300) for seven innovative 6 MegaWatt turbines. The long period before it is decided whether or not this subsidy will be granted forms an obstacle for the development of the new wind farm.

The construction of Eneco Luchterduinen will start in July 2014 and the wind farm will be operational after the summer of 2015, when it will supply sustainable energy for approximately 135,000 households.


Dredging Today Staff, June 8, 2012