USA: New Hanjin Terminal Waits for Dredging

New Hanjin Terminal Waits for Dredging

By linking the JaxPort with Asian trade lanes, Hanjin’s planned terminal and the TraPac terminal would boost cargo trade, reports

After eighteen months the work on the cargo terminal in Jacksonville remains on hold until it’s clear how deep the ship channel will be.

Hanjin Senior Vice President Mike Radak said last week that until “there is dredging to get to deeper water, it’s status quo.”

A preliminary recommendation for the channel’s depth by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is expected in 2014. The corps is studying the costs and benefits of deepening the harbor. The study is analyzing the merits of deepening the channel to as much as 50 feet.

The several hundred million dollars deepening costs would be split between the federal government and JaxPort.


Dredging Today Staff, June 18, 2012; Image: jaxport