Dragflow: Installation of Two New Dredgers (Italy)

Installation of Two New Dredgers, Estonia

Dragflow, a worldwide player in solid pumping solutions, has announced the installation of two new dredgers, one in Northern Europe (Estonia) and the second in Southern Europe (Italy).

Two projects that shows Dragflow’s ability to adapt easily to the different contexts and applications in which the company operates.

The dredging machine DRH400E23 has been completely designed, manufactured and tested by Dragflow’s technicians and engineers, that used their consolidated knowhow and expertise gained in 25 years of dredge equipment manufacturing, in order to assure the reliability and functionality of the product.

This dredge will operate near Tallin, the capital city of Estonia, to extract sand and gravel. It can reach a discharge distance of 1,5 kilometers with a working depth up to 35 meters and a production of 400-500 tons of solid material per hour.

The Caterpiller C18 diesel motor guarantees high performances and the technical solutions adopted for the DRH400E23 model make more comfortable operator’s activities in the control cab that is completely sound-proof and equipped with air conditioned system.

Installation of Two New Dredgers

The second machines, working in Reggio Calabria, is a DRH085JDB, that will be used to reopen the Saline Joniche’s harbor, a very important port for the economy of the whole region. An operation that’s been expected for a long time and that will be coordinated by the Capitaneria di Porto di Reggio Calabria.

Dragflow’s dredger, equipped with IVECO diesel motor, will extract sand and gravel from the seabed to recover harbor original depth.

It’s important to highlight the technical features of the machine: the dredge DRH085JDB model can reach 15 meters of working depth, with a discharge distance of 500 meters, and guarantees a production of 400 cubic meter per hour. The delivery time has been less than two months.


Dredging Today Staff, July 10, 2012; Images: DRAGFLOW