USA: Beale Street Landing Dredging About to Begin

In the aftermath of the river steamboat, the American Queen’s forced docking one mile north of Beale Street Landing, prompted by low water level of the Mississippi River, the need for dredging has become ever more evident.

Namely, the accumulated sediments have made it impossible for the American Queen to dock at her designated spot.

A barge and crane are on the spot north of Beale Street Landing, waiting for the green light to begin dredging operations scheduled for Monday, with the expected duration of one to two weeks.

Due to the river’s tendency of fluctuation of 57 feet, the landing has taken the shape of a floating dock to meet the needs of the varying water levels.

Memphis, being located at the widest point along the Mississippi River, has voiced the need for a modern docking facility along the river’s waterfront, designating the foot of Beale Street as the perfect location for the task. As a result an initiative has been launched, called the Beale Street Landing project, which will:

• Form an appropriate terminus for Beale Street

• Connect Tom Lee Park and the Historic Cobblestone Landing

• Create a dramatic overlook for riverfront activities for walkers, joggers, cyclists, and casual river watchers

• Accommodate public gatherings and performances.

Apparently, the timeline for the project is facing setbacks caused by the instability of Mississippi’s water levels, which resulted in serious challenges to the engineers and project leaders.

As reported by WMC-TV web portal, Memphis City Council committee voted on their last Beale Street Landing construction investment Tuesday.

According to Memphis City Councilman Jim Strickland, the good news is that there’s no more city money involved in this process, however, the budget remains USD 42 million.

After implementation of the design and bidding process, the project will kick off with the upcoming dredging next week.

The landing reception area is scheduled to open on November 1.


Dredging Today Staff, July 18, 2012