Morgan City Port Discusses Dredging Alternatives (USA)

Morgan City Port Discusses Dredging Alternatives

The Morgan City Harbor and Terminal District continues to search for economical ways to keep the Atchafalaya Bar Channel clear of sediment, reports

Dredging would cost too much and would take too long.

Therefore, the Army Corps and Morgan City port seek new possible solutions to this problem.

Historically, the Port of Morgan City tried to dredge to keep the channel clear over the years with maintenance dredging programs.

The port is the crossroads of the Atchafalaya River with strategic importance as an inland-protected port, and the state is focusing on managing the problem.”says engineer Jonathan Hird of Baton Rouge-based Moffatt & Nichol. He believes that there is no permanent solution to this problem, but it is possible to try confront with the silt issue and develop a methodology to manage it.


Dredging Today Staff, July 20, 2012; Image: usace