UK: Official Welcomes EIB Funding for Liverpool 2

Official Welcomes EIB Funding for Liverpool 2

Commenting on the news that the European Investment Bank has agreed to provide almost half the finance for the £305m Liverpool 2 development, Gary Hodgson, managing director of Peel Ports Mersey, said:

We are delighted that a proposal which will support the financing of the Liverpool 2 project was approved by the European Investment Bank on 24 July 2012.

“While this approval is conditional on the Bank continuing to review certain aspects of the project, it represents another significant step in the development of a new in-river container terminal for the Port of Liverpool.

“This positive news is another sign of confidence in what will be a transformational project for the business and a major investment in the North West region,” concluded Hodgson.


Dredging Today Staff, August 5, 2012; Image: merseydocks