Italy: Metso Thomas WD Pump Installed on Dredger Nessie

Metso Thomas WD Pump Installed on Dredger Nessie

Italian dredge builder Metalmeccanica Strobietto has installed a Metso Thomas TU46WD underwater dredge pump on the aggregate dredger Nessie.

The pump dimensions are 22 inches by 20 inches by 46 inches (suction/discharge/impeller diameter.)

Albert “Bubba” Savage, Metso dredge pump product manager, stated: “Thomas WD (wide design) pumps are especially suited to ladder pump installations given their generous internal clearances and wide port widths. The dredge is producing 1,200 tons per hour of aggregate having a maximum size of 10-inch solids. The aggregate is used in road building projects in central Italy as a base material. To our knowledge, this is the largest aggregateproducing hydraulic dredge in Italy.”

Source: pipefloat, August 31, 2012