UK: Coastline Surveys Takes Delivery of DATEM 5000 CPT System

Coastline Surveys Takes Delivery of DATEM 5000 CPT System

Coastline Surveys has taken delivery of their new Datem 5000 CPT System (C-Pen35).

After a series of robust acceptance tests the system was delivered on-time to Scotland and has immediately commenced work on a cable route survey in the North Sea for the Renewables Sector.

The DATEM 5000 unit is a coiled rod design offering the latest technology and increased push capability compared to similar CPT designs available. The C-PEN35 system is designed for performing insitu soil testing from nearshore to water depths up to 3,000m. The unit is compact enough for deployment from smaller vessels of 20-25m length making it a versatile and adaptable system for most client applications and soil types and importantly reducing overall vessel spread costs to Clients.

The Cone Penetration Test concept is based on pushing a calibrated steel cone into the ground at a constant speed of 2cm/sec, with continuous measurement of the cone end resistance, sleeve friction along the cone, and the pore water pressure. These measurements make it possible to accurately determine insitu ground condition strengths and infer stratigraphy over the penetrated depth and is often used in conjunction with vibrocoring and geophysical surveys also undertaken in house. This system has been purchased to support the strategic expansion of Coastline Surveys Ltd geotechnical capabilities for the routes studies for offshore renewables cables, pipelines, port and coastal engineering and dredging studies.

Coastline Surveys has seen an overwhelming demand for data collection and interpretation for the use of this system, from the Oil & Gas Sector, Marine Renewables, Civil Engineering and Pre-dredge Consultants.

Managing Director, David Hitchcock says: “The Datem 5000 system fits well with deployment from our coastal survey vessel MV FlatHolm in the infield and export cable route markets of renewables and wider cable route surveys. The deepwater capabilities in a robust compact frame will further open new market sectors to Coastline internationally with compact transport requirements and 3000m water depth capability reducing overall costs in the supply chain ”.


Dredging Today Staff, September 24, 2012; Image: Coastline Surveys