Planning Commission: Indian Ports Capacity Should Double in 5 Years

The Planning Commission has announced that the capacity of Indian ports will have to nearly double over the next five years to be able to handle the fast growing cargo traffic.

The 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) document said: “To meet the overall projected traffic of 1,758.26 mt by 2016-17, the total capacity of the port sector is envisaged to be 2,301.63 mt. The traffic forecast by the end of the 12th Plan would be 943.06 mt and 815.20 mt for the Major and non-Major ports, respectively, with corresponding port capacities of 1,241.83 mt and 1,059.80 mt, respectively.”

Total capacity of the country’s ports stood at 1,247.45 mt in 2011-12 and together they handled 971 mt cargo, reports


Dredging Today Staff, October 8, 2012