UK: Agency Invites Bids for Blythe Riverbank R&M Work

Environment Agency has invited bidders to submit their offers for the riverbank R&M work at the Solihull area.

This work will cover the following:

1. Channel and defence maintenance activities:

The control of aquatic weed across the channel, managing vegetation growth on the channel, desilting activities, raised embankment maintenance and blockage removal. The contractor will be given a maintenance regime for each sub reach along the length of the watercourse. The regime will relate to the environmental options and ensure the balance between the need of channel conveyance and the needs of the environment;

2. Incident Response:

The contractors must have the capability to provide incident response. Specifically, contractors will provide operational staff to assist the Environment Agency in responding to flood events. Incident response activities will include 24 hour standby arrangements, deployment of labour during flood incidents, monitoring assets, operating assets and carrying out emergency repairs and emergency blockage removals;

3. Operational Inspections:

Visual inspections of operational structures, defences and channels to be carried out by the contractor to ensure they remain at the required standard. Inspections may include removal of debris or obstructions during site visits;

4. Minor Asset Repairs, improvements to existing structures:

This will include minor building maintenance, minor masonry and concrete repairs, repair and maintenance of access tracks, and health and safety control measures.

The deadline for this tender is November 23, 2012.


Dredging Today Staff, October 29, 2012