UK: Officials Introduce Plans for QEC Development Project

Officials Introduce Plans for QEC Development Project

Defence Infrastructure Organisation has announced plans for the Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) Base Porting Infrastructure Project – HMNB Portsmouth.

The project is for the design and construction of a secure tidal berth for the QEC Aircraft Carrier on Middle Slip Jetty comprising upgrading work to the existing jetty to withstand berthing, mooring and operational forces exerted by the QEC and associated operational activities.

This is likely to involve the provision of strong points within the existing jetty structure and the replacement of the load-limited sections of the jetty dating from the 1920s. The QEC will require increased electrical supply at the berth as there is insufficient capacity within HMNB Portsmouth to meet this demand. This increased supply (via the network operator) to a new substation located near to the jetty which will allow transformation and conversion of the supply.

The project will also require reconfiguration of the jetty to provide a potable water supply and other vessel support services, which could involve relocation or protection. Aids to navigation comprising a number of multiple sets of leading lights and navigation beacons, mounted on independent marine structures, are required to enable QEC to safely transit to and from the MSJ berth.


Dredging Today Staff, October 29, 2012; Image: defenseindustrydaily