USA: Bad News for Port Orford Dredging

According to Congressman Peter DeFazio, the dredging future for Port of Port Orford will not be so bright this year.

The Army Corps of Engineers says it can’t afford to dredge the port this year, nor in the near future, reports

The several small ports in the Northwest will face similar cuts.

“This would be a huge blow to the community. It is the lifeblood for the commercial fishing fleet,” stated DeFazio.

“Oregonians living in coastal communities depend upon the dredging of their ports so they can support their families,” said Senator Jeff Merkley. “Without proper dredging, rural communities like Port Orford see their economies dry up. We cannot allow the Port of Port Orford to become unusable and cost further job loss. We need to continue investing in Oregon’s coastal communities and dredging our small ports is one of the most critical things we can do.


Dredging Today Staff, November 5, 2012