UK: HR Wallingford Reaches Another Milestone

HR Wallingford Reaches Another Milestone

Researchers at HR Wallingford have been presented with the ICE David Hislop award 2012 for their paper on “Evaluating scour at marine gravity foundations”.

This paper formed part of a special issue on marine scour edited by Dr Harris and Prof. Whitehouse. The annual ICE Awards Ceremony celebrates excellence within civil engineering and technical writing, and the outstanding commitment of the award winners.

HR Wallingford is internationally recognised as a leading expert in the analysis and modelling of scour processes, particularly with regard to marine scour. The work presented in these papers forms part of the output from an active research and development programme into scour at structures in the marine, estuarine and fluvial environments. The scour specialists at HR Wallingford are ready to assist the market in de-risking scour problems.

HR Wallingford has been engaged to study the Hooghly River and suggest measures to increase the draught in the navigation channel leading to the Haldia Dock Complex, reports

The eight-member team, comprising experts in river training, dredging, morphology and river modeling is expected to submit its report by the end of this year or the beginning of January 2013.


Dredging Today Staff, November 8, 2012; Image: hrwallingford