Idreco: ISD 350 Dredger Delivered (The Netherlands)

ISD 350 Dredger Delivered

Idreco delivered the dredger for Kieswerk Wissel GmbH part of the Putman group.

This ISD 350 has an underwater pump and engine with a suction depth of 24 meters. The dredger is equipped with our PK 350 pump driven by our electric direct drive system with a 500 KW motor. Production capacity up to 600 tons a hour.

Idreco is also building a new Dredger Control System on the old dredger so the operator on the new dredger can also operate the old dredger.

The 2 Dredger Control Systems are linked to eachother. The new dredger gets two monitors in the cabin to control everything.


Press Release, November 12, 2012