CCCC Chairman Attends Merrill Lynch China Investment Summit

CCCC Chairman Attends Merrill Lynch China Investment Summit

On November 8, Zhou Jichang, chairman of CCCC, attended Merrill Lynch China Investment Summit 2012 in Beijing as a special guest, delivering a keynote speech entitled Does China Need More Infrastructure Investment, and exchanging ideas with institutional investors from across the world.

Transportation is an integral part of and a fundamental guarantee for China’s national economy, Zhou noted. The past three decades since the initiation of the reform and opening up have seen the substantial achievements and great strides in transportation infrastructure construction, the enormous rise in the modernization level of transportation, the continuous improvement in transportation service capacity and the remarkable contribution of transportation to national economic and social development.

In the new historical period, according to the objective law of global transport development, the objective requirements of economic and social development and the objective demand for the development of the transportation industry, investment is yet to be increased to proceed with the construction of transportation facilities.

The summit brought together delegates from over 200 Chinese enterprises and over 1,000 investment institutions. With the gradual shift of the center of the global economy to Asia, investors have been paying closer attention to the healthy development of China’s economy. The event has further enhanced investors’ understanding and recognition of CCCC, boosted their confidence in investing in CCCC and built the favorable image of CCCC in the capital market.


Press Release, November 14, 2012