UK: Wells Harbour Dredging Underway

Wells Harbour Dredging Underway

The “Kari Hege” will be engaged in dredging operations in the main channel North of number 4.

Vessels will be advised on a daily basis which areas of the channel are safe to navigate. All pre arranged dredging areas are constrained by the weather and wave heights therefore operations are subject to change on a daily basis.

The Port’s dredger “Kari Hege” operates from Monday to Friday. Its normal area of work is in the main channel between buoy number 12 and buoy number 1. It works during the low water period, starting three hours after high water until three hours prior to the next high water.

The “Kari Hege” will manoeuvre into its dig position, or back to its mooring, approximately half an hour before or after this time. Any larger vessels intending to pass the “Kari Hege” in the channel during digging operations or while it is manoeuvring should call the dredger up on Channel 12 to ascertain which is the safe side to pass.

All material removed from the channel during dredging operation is placed on the berm which is marked by the Port hand channel buoys. Areas to be dredged are dictated by regular survey results but these areas are subject to weather constraints. On occasions the “Kari Hege” carries out works in the channel and on the dams south of the Life Boat house towards Wells Quay.

This will normally coincide with periods of adverse weather when it is too unsafe to operate in the main channel.


Press Release, November 16, 2012

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