New Zealand: Great News for WASSP


Multibeam sonar manufacturer, WASSP Ltd, part of the ENL Group has launched a new look website.

Designed to be the complete online resource for multibeam sonar, the new site is more interactive than ever before.

Site visitors will be able to freely browse through WASSP’s system range and whether it be for commercial fishing, workboats or for hydrographic survey.

The website now features an interactive calculator designed to show users the differences between a conventional sounder and the WASSP solution. Web visitors can enter the desired parameters (depth, single sounder beam-width, search area and vessel speed). The calculator will then dynamically compare the results, and show you how long it would take WASSP to search the nominated area vs a single beam sounder.

WASSP is the most cost effective multibeam sonar on the market today, and we now have a broad range of products having just released WASSP S, to compliment the successful fishing model expanding our target market to other marine professionals from survey to search and rescue, ” says ENL Group CEO Gareth Hodson.

“The new website will allow visitors to easily browse and learn about multibeam technology and then to quickly get in touch with the nearest dealer in their global region.”


Press Release, November 26, 2012