The Netherlands: Award for Best Contribution to Delft3D

Award for Best Contribution to Delft3D

Richard Measures, from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) in New Zealand, has been named ‘2012 Delft3D best contributor of the year’. He received the corresponding award on Wednesday 20 November during the Delft Software Days held in Delft.

The hydro software package Delft3D went open source on 1 January 2011. This is a conscious decision by Deltares. It means that users can download the code and link their own research and functionalities to Delft3D. Researchers no longer have to develop the basics of the simulation software themselves and this enables them to concentrate on new knowledge. This may in turn be added to Delft3D, thus expanding the knowledge base.

Richard Measures has demonstrated that this approach works well. Measures: Since 1 January 2011, NIWA has been working with Delft3D. We knew in advance that there was no module for our specific problem but we also knew that we could add it later because the code is open-source. Our related research was already completed and as soon as we were sufficiently acquainted with the system we could easily make the link.

The application is of high quality and Deltares has decided to include it in the new release of Delft3D. Measures thinks it’s a great idea that others will soon be able to make use of his knowledge. “That’s the beauty of open source. Many countries have the same problem with gravel sediments as we do and can now make use of our solution. Conversely, I also hope to be able to make use of the solutions of others.


Press Release, November 30, 2012