USA: Gulfport Ship Channel Ready for Dredging

Gulfport Ship Channel Ready for Dredging

The maintenance dredging project will commence soon in the northern end of the Gulfport Ship Channel, according to

Patrick Robbins, legislative and public affairs chief for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District, said that the $2.4 million available will let the Corps dredge about 2.6 miles of the 14 mile long channel.

Jim Simpson, incoming port commission board president, stated: “There’s no money in the national budget for next year, no dollars at all. Our congressional delegation is working very hard, and we’re working with them daily, to try to get some money in next year’s budget for maintenance. Maintenance is an ongoing thing. If you don’t get it done regularly, it’s a problem.”

The final goal of this project is to make the mentioned portion of the channel 36 feet deep and 220 feet wide, reports


Dredging Today Staff, December 3, 2012; Image: neel-schaffer