Damen: New Sediment Transport Test Circuit Commissioned (The Netherlands)

New Sediment Transport Test Circuit Commissioned

Damen Dredging Equipment has commissioned the brand new sediment transport test circuit in the presence of the members of the Dutch Civil Engineering Society on the 24th of November last.

The slurry test circuit is a part of the DDE innovation program, taking the search for better dredging components to the next level.

The sediment transport test circuit simulates the harsh conditions of a dredging project. Various types of equipment can be tested here on their durability. The test circuit includes a dredge pump, the dredge piping and the sediment storage unit – all assembled on a 40’ flatbed container frame. Due to the Ø 250 mm dredge piping, the circuit is one of the biggest test loops in the Netherlands. The standard test circuit length is 8 m, but additional piping or flexibles can be mounted when the space is available

The Ø 250 mm dredge piping has a good resemblance with the Damen product range, hence only minor scale effects occur. As more suppliers to the dredging industry need to investigate the durability and wear pattern of their components, the mobile unit can be shipped anywhere The test circuit can also be shipped to a dredge site for production and wear estimations on specific challenging projects.

The members of the Dutch Civil Engineering Society (Vereniging van Waterbouwers) visited the Nijkerk yard, where the festive commissioning of the circuit took place. After a good look around they all concluded that it is only logical the Dutch and dredging are mentioned in one breath.


Press Release, December 4, 2012

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