Nanticoke River Dredging: Project Equipment Arrived (USA)

Project Equipment Arrived

Dredging of the Nanticoke River is moving closer to a start date now that equipment for the project has arrived in the Seaford area.

A dredge barge arrived late Monday night, Jan. 7, and preparations are now underway for dredging to begin sometime in the near future, weather permitting.

The river, which flows to the Chesapeake Bay, is a vital waterway for barge traffic in and out of western Sussex County. The dredging project will restore the river’s main channel depth to 12 feet, which has shoaled in some portions, making navigation difficult or impossible for barges.

The river was last dredged in 1990. In April 2011, the Delaware Congressional Delegation wrote a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers to urge their assistance in expediting the dredging of the Nanticoke River.


Press Release, January 11, 2013