Philippines: Monitoring Team for MNRDP Created

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Region 7 (DENR-7) and the Lapulapu City government have formation of a multipartite monitoring team (MMT) for the Mactan North Reclamation Development Project (MNRDP) in Lapulapu City.

Dr. Isabelo R. Montejo, DENR 7 regional executive director, said the MMT should primarily oversee the compliance of the proponent (Lapulapu City government) with the environmental management and monitoring plan (EMMP), other commitments and mitigation measures as indicated in the project environmental impact study (EIS) documents and the environmental compliance conditions (ECC).

Based on the EIS online system of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), an ECC was issued last April 22, 2009 to MNRDP to cover the reclamation and development of 400 hectares located within the Magellan Bay in Barangays Ibo, Buaya, Mactan and Punta Engaño. It was approved by then DENR Secretary Jose L. Atienza Jr.

The issuance of the said ECC provides that before reclamation starts all necessary clearances and permits from the concerned agencies shall be secured first. In this case, the proponent shall follow step by step the process on how to get clearance from DENR before they could start the activities.

In a January 9 meeting attended by some officials of Lapulapu City, DENR 7, EMB 7 and other stakeholders, members of the MMT were initially identified. Also discussed were the draft memorandum of agreement (MOA) and work and financial plan (WFP) of the group.

The said team will be in-charge of monitoring the construction and development of the project in all phases. It will be composed of different stakeholders including government agencies, non-government organizations, people’s organizations, and others that will be affected by the construction of the project.

Meanwhile, Mr. William P. Cuñado, Chief Environmental Impact Assessment Management Division of EMB 7 stressed the importance of creating an MMT whose membership is cooperative enough to conduct the monitoring.

Montejo expressed enthusiasm on the creation of the team and its committees as there were already queries and concerns that were raised pertaining to the project.

There are certain things or issues that need to be ironed out or deliberated on at the level of the MMT and by strengthening its membership with credible persons with various disciplines it could deliver its tasks or functions well,” Montejo added.

Reclamation is the process of conversion by filling, dredging, or other artificial means of foreshore land or submerged areas into land suitable for use as habitation or for cultivation.


Press Release, January 21, 2013